The Madefire App

The Madefire App Have you ever heard of the Madefire App? It’s great for reading comics. Developers who are into superheroes have made a breakthrough in digital comics by giving titles more life than just bubble texts and paintbrush strokes. What sets Madefire apart from the usual epub reader is that it allows users to read comic books very differently. Instead of showing readers still images of their comic book

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Cover Artist for Hire

If you are looking for a cover artist, you can have a completely penciled, inked and colored cover for your comic book.  High quality, professional level comic book covers. Two week turnaround guaranteed.  Any questions please contact me.  Also, if you are interested in character designs, check out this page.  Covers created for clients Advent Comics and Gin Ryu:   Cover Mock ups

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Cover Artist

In my quest to become a comic book cover artist, here is a cover I did for Advent Comics.  It is the Kickstarter Exclusive cover.

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Most Wanted

Now that the origin of The Uncanny has been done, phase two is starting with redesigns of the Team.

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On Sale Now: The Uncanny #7

Now that Gno has formed The Uncanny, the team is sent on a special mission to break into a military contractor’s most secure building. They are a new and inexperienced group and must learn to come together as a team as they encounter The Digital Garden, the most advanced security system ever created. This issues was serialized daily during The Uncanny Kickstarter. Now it’s available in print. Click here to purchase this issue.

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Second Convention Cover Concept

Last week I showed you one idea I had for the covers of the convention issues of The Uncanny. Here is the second idea. Once again, I’m experimenting and trying different things. This is the fun part. I get to try whatever comes to mind.

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Convention Special Cover Art

The purpose of this Kickstarter was to bring more awareness to The Uncanny and to print up some Convention Special Covers for the published issues. The Kickstarter special cover were interlocking and for the Con Covers I wanted to try something else thematically. Here is the first of the two different approaches to the Con Covers. Each issue will get a different member of The Uncanny on them and they are linked by design concept.

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Now on Sale: The Uncanny Graphic Novel Digital Format

The entire first story arc of how The Uncanny came together in Non-DRM (digital rights management) format. THE UNCANNY – THE CHAOS GAME COLLECTION Written and Illustrated by William D. Hodge Black & White Page Count: 260 Witness the beginning of a new mythology. Introducing the complete story of how the Uncanny came to be. Follow the Uncanny as they save their team member from the Shadowkind Elite to their final battle with Ichi the Nightmare for control of the Difference Engine. Creator Owned Super hero action for the new age. The Uncanny: The Chaos Game collects the Uncanny Prologue along with issues 1-6 of the series, extra material from the two previous collections and a new 8 page story in a 260 page collection. The entire story of how

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Thank you to The Uncanny Kickstarter Supporters

The Uncanny Kickstarter is a success and it’s all because of these people.  A very special “Thank you” goes out to the backers.  Without you this would not have been possible. Aaron Churchill Keith Brown JIMMY PALMIOTTI Sheldon Wiebe Ellen Fleischer Gary Makries Kyle Robinson Caleb Michael Smith Jim Sigler Thomas Welter David Francis Odis Chenault Victor Hodge Morzox Tim Stiles J. Galvan Andrejs Zolotovskovs Victoria Irwin Blake Northcott abdullah rufus Paul Nelson Andres Salazar Stephen Egged Jan Meiners Francis Waltz Jose Borges Gavin Burton Eric Carroll Samantha Jackson Jack J. Snow James Huang Stefan Wagner Patricia Dixon Jenifer Dana L. Thompson Vincent Hilliard Dig Dug Rudy Marc Jules Sr Daryl Holmes Sigmond Ceaser Valerie Gandy NATITIA MALLOY Shabaka92 Richard Soares Yolandi.small Keith and Kesha Martin TRACY CHAPMAN Danny Strong

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The Uncanny on DJ Grandpa’s Crib

Here is my interview about The Uncanny Kickstarter on DJ Grandpa’s crib: Show title: Dj Grandpa’s Crib: The Work of the Bard Show Description: DJG goes synetic with Joseph Carlson, fights conformity with The Uncanny, meets the crowd with Joy Schoffler, rocks lyrical with Olivia De La Cruz, punks aliens with Joshua Palmatier, saves the world with Monochroma, and rides the rail with Uwe Eickert. Episode download link: Download Episode or

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