The 100

Variant covers.  I love them.  Off the top of my head, I think they only exist in comic books.  Pencil variant.  Black and White Variant.  Emerald Variant.  Sketch Cover Variant.  Jim Lee Variant.  I love them all.  The more art I can get, the happier I am.  It’s all fascinating to me.  If I like it, I buy it.  So, for the first issue of The Uncanny, I wanted to

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On Sale Now: The Uncanny Prologue

The Revolution starts here.  The first published adventure of The Uncanny is now available at A little girl witnesses a battle between the Uncanny and The Thought Police over the life of a stranger. Is this just the wild imagination of a child or the beginning of the unseen war against freedom and imagination? Living shadows, fractal ego traps and steam powered consciousness. Is The Uncanny a myth or

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The Art Blog

I’ve started my art blog. Currently, I’m putting up older stuff, but new art will be showing up soon. This will be the place where I will be thinking out loud, experimenting and trying things. The Wyldcard Studio Art Blog

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Welcome 2 Wyldcard Studio

Welcome 2 Wyldcard Studio.  The home of the creations of William D. Hodge:  The Uncanny and DnA:  The Hodge Boyz.

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Who is “DnA: The Hodge Boyz”

The line between fiction and non-fiction has been worn thin. DnA are the only things standing between reality and unreality. As a young boy Alexander had imaginary friends, some good and some bad. He found he had the ability to keep them in line. Now he trains his younger brother David to help him keep the boundaries of imagination in tact.

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Who is “The Uncanny”?

The Uncanny, is a mystery school of revolutionaries fighting against conformity to rewire reality. Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature.

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