Introducing: Omega Editions


Here’s something new.  OMEGA EDITION!  An Omega Edition is a one of a kind variant cover. I will create a completely original cover to be used only once and never printed again.  Order the issue of “The Uncanny” you want with any character you choose to go on it.  You will have a completely one of a kind, original cover.  With On Demand printing, I can create custom, one of kind covers.  After your cover is completed, it will never get used again.  Also, the cover will prominently feature your name and can be signed and dedicated to you.  The Omega Edition Covers can be in color or black and white.   The Omega Edition Covers will come in two forms:  Black and white $35 or Full color $50. Cover will have 1 character with some background.)

Click to order an OMEGA EDITION.















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